Sunday, September 26, 2010

9th Wonder--"Brooklyn In My Mind" & Curtis Mayfield--"Love To Keep You In My Mind"

"Brooklyn In My Mind"

"Love To Keep You In Mind"

It is no secret that Curtis Mayfield is a musical genius (and God).  However, hip-hop producer 9th Wonder puts his own genius on display here with "Brooklyn In My Mind." 9th Wonder samples Curtis Mayfield's "Love To Keep You In My Mind" while getting Mos Def, Jean Grae, and Memphis Bleek to collaborate on this Brooklyn anthem.  Mos is consistent as usual, meanwhile Memphis Bleek puts together a surprisingly impressive verse himself.  Here we give the audience a taste and mix of past and present for contextual purposes. It's also important to note that 9th is a hip-hop professor--literally.

Excerpt for the Wannabe Expert   
"Brooklyn In My Mind"
Mos Def:
They don't know the language he shout in the anthem/the beat translate and make the world understand son/my voice like magic, my flow fantastic/in summary I'm real ordinary elaborate...
Memphis Bleek:
It's all love where I come from/to keep it real shit I used to cut school on the block B.I.G. come from/but in the stu try to come with flow/at fifteen I spit something that impressed HOV, and here I go...

"Love To Keep You In My Mind"
Curtis Mayfield:
Through loving you I seem to feel a spirit 
Deep inside of me 
Preciously guiding me 
My woman of all women, dear to me  

Forever love me 
For I need you constantly 
And still, you hold me close indeed 
Helping to keep this love I need 
Feels so much like your touch divine  

Drinking and getting high on wine 
Wanting to love you, all the time 
Just love to keep you in my mind 
Just love to keep you in my mind

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