Wednesday, September 22, 2010

J. Cole feat. A.L.--"On Top of the World"

Arguably one of the best up and coming artists in the game today, J. Cole is a beast.  He is not only a lyrical genius but his stage presence is infused with a confidence and swagger that separate him from the rest. Listen closely as he goes in on this track with A.L.  J. Cole is destined (and determined) to be atop the hip-world, it's just a matter of time.

Excerpt for the Wannabe Expert
"These words go together like a verbal collage/It's murder how the words'll collide/And bring you further from where murderers lie/And maybe you could see a mill, no not no burgers or fries/But give you food for thought, my nigga this is Gerber rh-rhymes/Servin' up lines for your child like mine, nigga this live/So you think you seen a style like mine, it's a mirage/But I, I'll be a Blige like Mary J/Then show you how to strive, when it die like everyday/And nigga stay in court like Perry Mason or Gary Payton/New shoes up on his feet like every/week, his mom's interrogatin'/Like where you been? Who you been with?/Scared he runnin the streets/with them freak and them nitwits/Look up in his face, she see the fatherly resemblance/Read him more than a book/Scared he inherited way more than just looks/But uh, mama I'm on top of the world/Uh!/I'm on top of the world/I'm on top of the world..."

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