Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blu--"The Narrow Path"

"The Narrow Path"

Masterpiece! Blu's "The Narrow Path" mixes great production with some untouchable lyrics to make a very, very good track. Blu just might be the most underrated artist in hip-hop, and his 2008 album Below The Heavens, which features tracks produced by fellow L.A. native and hip-hop producer Exile shows to prove it. In addition, Blu's completed several mixtapes, including HerFavoriteColo(u)r, where he opens up and dedicates an entire mixtape to venting about a relationship of his that went sour.  Lastly, Blu was featured on two tracks from The Roots' album How I Got Over. There are few out there, but Blu is lyrical genius.

Excerpt for the Wannabe Expert
Picture me sittin in front of 88 keys, trying to escape
From a shady place, where babies blaze trees on a daily day
Tryna get they gravy straight to floss, cuz told me homey watch it
These ladies play dirty games with you, get to grindin
Where niggas pitch as quick as Nolan Ryan
Holdin iron, blowin smoke, elope in fire, flame spittin
The game is just a way to escape
And our pain is just a way we can relate to folks cryin
Findin ways I can make a difference
But fuck wishin on a star 'cause the percentage of gettin what you envisioned is small
And the stars barely shine in the city, so we're blinded
By the man-made bright lights, makin my eyes shifty
Feel me out, hear me now, cryin childs of the ghetto
Lettin go a beautiful sound, it's kinda falsetto
Hello hell, welcome to L.A., where devils that dwell play
They meddle with metal and lettin every shell spray
Until day dawns, I make songs for the long road travelers
And lost souls after us
Spittin lyrics vicious like I'm mad as fuck
Packin up my bags, hoppin back on the narrow path that's planned for us

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