Monday, October 11, 2010

Ghostface Killah feat. Method Man & Raekwon--"Yolanda's House"

"Yolanda's House"

"Yolanda's House" is a track for those hip-hop listeners that appreciate the art of story telling.  Ghost, Meth, and Rae tell one story from three different perspectives with flavor and swag that is second to none.  Anytime you are given the luxury of listening to any of these artists on a solo it's truly a blessing and getting all three on one track is a gift.  They all compliment each other so well and it shows on this one. They are all great story tellers, but Ghost and Rae might be two of the greatest story tellers in the history of rap.

Excerpts for the Wannabe Expert
I need my money Meth, gonna buy them hundred birds
Tell Tone get at me, all them little clients want work
He know we fresh out, tell the kid meet me, matter of fact beep me
Word to mother lord, son he got me hurt
You still fuckin' shorty? I knew it
The big mouth broad that be yolkin' my balls out
Her little brother wanted two bricks
You know the nigga licks, a Maybach on twenty-six
All he do is get money, hustle, he's a dick
He told me foul shit, wild shit
That nigga wear a lot of loud shit, no that Steve Rifkind style shit
Hit me with some other talk, him in New York
They robbed the Venezuelan niggas, stabbed his son with a fork
That was Jesus' rooster's little niece, little nooses
Father's homeboy, that's the kid who gave us a boost
He gave them things on the arm, said for us to be calm
And if some beef pop off, go ahead and ring the alarm

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