Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Milk feat. Royce Da 5'9" & Elzhi--"Deadly Medley"

"Deadly Medley"

When people think of Detroit hip-hop, Eminem is often the first artist to come to mind, and rightfully so.  Eminem has had a great career and is certainly one of the best to ever lyrically. But there are other artists reppin' the D that are worthy of praise too that have not gotten their due.  Black Milk, Royce, and Elzhi are unquestionably three of those artists.  Black Milk is most notable for his work as a producer, but he he shows he can flow on this one; Royce is simply raw (think mid-west Styles P); and Elzhi is like the D's version of Nas with the lyrics and flow to match. "Deadly Medley" is not only well produced, but each of these artists add their own flavor to keep the D on the map.

Excerpts for the Wannabe Expert
Black Milk 
Truth Be told 
This is who you call the truest out the newest foe 
To people watchin' our every move like its the Truman Show 
Coolest flow 
Signal to my crew the "Cue To Go" 
With they finger on triggers, gun powder under cuticles 
Newest flow 
As ugly as warzones 
Yeah, shit is ugly as Lady Gaga's wardrobe 
Word to Dilla 
His verse is illa 
The words are killa 
Aint heard nothing this Legendary out since the birth of Thriller 

I'm in the best shape of my life lyrically 
I don't even write seriously 
I just fuck around 
Like the Rolling Stone 
I lay the hat in many homes 
Bad Boy like Diddy Combs 
Shoulders which his whole entire city on 

You need to be amputated
I snap you in minutes
I left Detroit rappers in fitteds decapitated
This not a dumb threat
Cause though I'm not what I become yet
I challenge some vet
And stick it to him like a drum set
Clap the matic
I flip like an acrobatic
Slap fanatics
With murderous rap mechanics 

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