Sunday, October 10, 2010



Even though he has a flow and lyrics that are on par with some of the best new artists out there, Macklemore has really established himself as more than just an hip-hop artist. Macklemore seems to be one of those artists that's really going to bridge the gap between hip-hop and other music genres in the years to come.  Today, a lot of artists flow to the beat, however, Macklemore makes the beat follow his flow. A very talented artist who is going to surprise lots of music fans.

Excerpts for the Wannabe Expert

Yesterday, forget it
Tomorrow is, nada
The present is, right here, through the breath, watch it
Atheist Jesus piece, hangin' on a cross
We sit and discuss God on lawn chairs
About how we got here,
What it is, what it isn't, shit
Fate versus faith, scrimmagin' with coincidence
Leave out the market and hold up on the business end
Focus on the genuine, with everything else, you can shed the skin
I was a couple moves away from being dead
In that ER overdosin', eyes bleedin' red
I fell in love, made an album, got a buzz
Lost it all, sobered up and guess what?
Now we meet again
And I'm back, finally just laughin'
Expectations are resentments waiting to happen
Studying the Dharma, Karma of a pastor and his practice
Gautama Buddha, God, to the mountaintop and I'm traveling
Learnin', yes, reflectin' on what matters
People, permanence, lack of attachments
It's space and time, a couple man-made distractions
The measure of a spirit that no human can ever capture
Church, this booth is my Vatican
I don't control life, but I can control how I react to it
Student of the breath, brick beats and balancin'
Desire versus truth until I finally find happiness

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