Monday, October 4, 2010

Sound Providers feat. Little Brother--"Braggin & Boastin"

"Braggin & Boastin"

With a little help from the Sound Providers, a rap duo originally established in Southern California, Little Brother gets real jazzy on this one.  The the two duos compliment one another so well on this record that it made me question why they collaborated to make an full-length album or mixtape together.  Sound Providers provide an ill beat, meanwhile Phonte kills it as he talks about the bravado and egotism that has diluted hip-hop. Such a great song!

Sound Providers

Excerpt for the Wannabe Expert
Another day up in these labels of rap
And you're a battle MC who swears that your style is flavorly phat
Can't wait to hit the studio disabling tracks
So everyone can hear your shit on they turntables and DATS
You put your, single out so now you layin' it back
Cause now everybody's sayin', "Yo son, your name on the map"
And everybody's actin' crazy in fact
Hoes be sweatin' your gear 
And askin' shit like, "What fragrance is that?"
But that's the life you live
Great sex with your admirers
Cause your album's in the deck of everybody's Aiwa
But prior to, all the props and all the street buzz
Nobody in your neighborhood could give a fuck who you was
Because, They don't love you,
They love what you stand for
The car you drive and the loot you got your hands on
That shit could end in a minute, any minute
And then your driveway won't have all them Bentley's in it
And wine glass won't have all that Remy in it
No video shoots with Hype and P. Diddy in it
So don't get caught up in the fame and applause and brainless awards 
Next year they ain't gonna want you no more
Check it out now

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