Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jay-Z--"Take It In Blood" & Nas--"Take It In Blood"

Jay-Z--"In My Lifetime (Remix)"

Nas--"Take It In Blood"

Debates over which of these two artists have had a larger impact on hip-hop are never-ending. Proponents of Jay love to touch on his commercial success and his ability to produce hit after hit, while Nas proponents love to mention his genius on--arguably--the best hip-hop album of all-time with Illmatic.  Regardless of which artist you side with more, both have taken music to another level throughout their careers. "In My Lifetime (Remix)" and "Take It In Blood" are by far my favorite songs done by the two of them. On "In My Lifetime (Remix)" Jay explicitly talks about the allure of the streets and hustling drugs, while Nas drops one of the dopest tracks with his word play on "Take It In Blood," which turned me onto hip-hop during the summer of '96.

Excerpt for the Wannabe Expert
Jay-Z "In My Lifetime (Remix)
I'm like the bass with the ass, flashing cold cash
The Big Willie, get you chilly when I pass, brrrrrr
Is it, just a mirage all these girls thankin God
Is this, world my world, am I the star of stars?
Baby pimped out, I'm gettin too large and smokin cigars
All chicks is hollerin bout jigga, the whole city's buzzin
wasn't checkin for me a dozen or so, months ago
Now I'm all they know, I'm a person
Lettin the Cristal's breathe at the Barnacle Bar
Under my sleeve, vernacular, 50 G's
I'm talkin big cheese, you gotta be down to dig these, uhh
Give me a rush like you wouldn't believe, my head's about to bust
Acceleratin what drives me, hope I don't gotta die
to see, see I can't lie to me
I know the price, know the risk, know the wrongs and the rights
Still my blood flows ice, it's just my life

Nas "Take It In Blood"
Verse 1
Yo, I never brag, how real I keep it, cause it's the best secret
I rock a vest, prestigious, Cuban link flooded Jesus
in a Lex watchin Kathie Lee and Regis
My actions are one with the seasons
A tec squeezin - executioner, winter time I rock a fur
Mega popular, center of attraction
Climaxin, my bitches they be laughin
They high from sniffin coke off a twenty-cent Andrew Jackson
City lights spark a New York night
Rossi and Martini sippin, Sergio Tachinni flippin mad pies
low price, I blow dice and throw em
Forty-five by my scrotum, manifest the "Do or Die" slogan
My niggaz roll in ten M3's
Twenty Gods poppin wheelies on Kawasaki's
Hip-Hop's got me on some ol', sprayin shots like a drumroll
Blankin out and never miscount the shells my gun hold
I don't stunt, I regulate
Henny and Sprite, I seperate, watchin crab niggaz marinate
I'm all about tecs and good jooks and sex
Israelite books, holdin government names from Ness
MC's are crawlin out, every hole in the slum
You be aight like blood money in a pimp's cum...

Verse 3
...Yo the time is wastin, I use the mind elevation
Dime sack lacin, court pen pacin
Individual, lyrical math abrasion
Psychic evaluation, the foulest nation
We livin in, dangerous lives, mad leak and battered wives
A lifestyle where bad streets is patternized
Wise men build and destroy
While the real McCoy dopefiend, named Detroit is still dealin boy
Coke suppliers actin biased
Cause rumors say that niggaz wear wires and we liars
But every night the gat's fired, and every day a rat's hired
I still remain the mack flyest in the phat Kani, it's --
-- just the killer in me, slash drug dealer MC
Ex-slug filler, semi mug peeler
Demi, bottles of Mo', yo simply follow me flow
Put poetry inside a crack pot and blow
rough holes for cracked out pussies and buttholes
Bring the G's and the D's roll, they can't touch those
Why shoot the breeze about it, when you could be about it?
My degrees are routed, toward the peasy haired brick houses
instead of the fake medallions
Rich niggaz transport in thousands
Foreign cash exchange amountin to millions
Doors is locked, rocks is chopped, watch the cameras in the ceilings
Trick bitches catching mad feelings
Peelin off in the Lex Jeep, techniques is four-wheelin
I bet it be some shit when we connect with Stretch
When we catch them sex niggaz with the tecs you blessed, word
So now it's on, never wasted a slug,
Time is money when it comes to mine, take it in blood


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